About us

iPresso supports professional marketers

We assist you by providing:

  • a superior quality Marketing Automation platform
  • the ability to develop users’ skills
  • expert knowledge tailored to the needs of your industry
  • support of automation and IT specialists
  • the ability to integrate systems and applications
  • a chance to build unique solutions

We work for reputable clients

Our what, how and why is important also for our clients, i.e. first-class companies and institutions with the highest requirements towards their partners.

Among others, we have been trusted by:

DanonePlayerGo3BudimexKrajowy Rejestr DługówEcho InvestmentPZUSantanderINGNationale Nederlanden
URS ISO 9001 iPressoiPresso GDPR ReadyURS ISO 27001 iPresso

Quality and safety

At iPresso, we attach great importance to the security and quality of the developed software.

That is why we implement, respect and develop quality management and information security management standards.

We are a member of the IAB.

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iPresso S.A.
Ceglana 4St.
40-514 Katowice
Tax number: 6342678033

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