Scenarios of Marketing Automation

ipresso'S features

Designing customer paths and even very sophisticated automated communication scenarios has never been so easy! Wizard with Drag & Drop tools created with marketers for marketers


Design customer paths and campaign scenarios easily using the intuitive Drag & Drop editor. It’s easy to use but very rich in applications.

iPresso Studio creator

iPresso Studio creator will guide you through the scenario creation process step by step. After that, just launch it and enjoy!


Real-time reporting of contact flow through the scenario. You can view it directly on the scenario draft or in the form of charts and funnels. Readable and accessible, without the need to wait for the end of the campaign.


A collection of ready-to-use actions. But it doesn't end there - you can define any actions of your own, integrate external tools or use API.


Separating communication from a number of available conditions. Each of them is very spacious and offers plenty of configuration options.

Areas and notes

Are scenarios getting more sophisticated, longer and creative? Do you work on them as a team? In iPresso you can mark areas and add notes. If you happen to take a look at what iPresso is automatizing - you will receive instant feedback.

Save as picture

Need to show your draft scenario to a larger audience in your presentation? Just save everything as a picture :-)

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