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"Very useful and powerful system with a great support team"
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Integrated Marketing Automation platform for
professional marketers

industry-specific, with support, without a break from development

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Make marketing more effective

Industry-specific, with support, without a break from development


Increase conversion from the traffic and boost your sales

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Integrated Marketing Automation platform for
professional marketers

Industry-specific, with support, without a break from development

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It’s not all about technology

You can do even more with our support!

More than automation - everything counts: understanding the industry and business, support oriented to needs and problems, analytics, integration, continuous development.

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Marketing Automation is complicated and hard to launch?
Not with iPresso!

Do you know that with iPresso you can launch first campaigns within an hour of creating your account? Contact us and see yourself

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Measures results that you constantly refine
Marketing Automation iPressoMarketing Automation iPressoMarketing Automation 3
Gathers and processes data about users and customers
Automatically runs personalized campaigns and scenarios using all built-in channels
Marketing Automation iPresso
Gathers and processes data about users and customers
Automatically runs personalized campaigns and scenarios using all built-in channels
Measures results that you constantly refine

Do you know that with iPresso big brands are agile like start-ups, and small companies have access to technologies available for the biggest brands?

We understand Professional Marketers

Technology is for all people. Marketing Automation was created especially for selected marketers, entrepreneurs and designers. We believe and know from experience that you do not expect a tool overloaded with redundant features.You need iPresso to be as flexible, friendly and integrated as possible.

Our system was founded on this principle: Since we are faced with spending approx. 30% of our adult life on work, isn’t it enough to create something exceptional?

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iPresso Marketing Automation is all about:

iPresso enables communication through every available communication channel. Right at your hand, you have: e-mail, text message, web push, webcontent, banners, prints and more

iPresso multiple channels

iPresso supports professional marketers. Not only technologically, but also when it comes to the know-how, and the development of their skills. Every day, our Customer Success team ensures that iPresso users’ needs are met, and supports them in their work. The Customer Development team provides technological support, and Account Managers select the best solutions and keep looking forward.

iPresso support

This isn't just about addressing customers by their names. It's also the capability of fully adjusting the contents of a message - including the text elements, images and sources of data (e.g. product feeds from an online store).

iPresso personalisation

Marketing Automation must provide an instant response to user reactions, ever-changing customer needs, identified preferences and plenty of other factors affecting communication. Such possibilities are available with iPresso technology, which provides specific tools and data processing methods to conduct activities in real time.

iPresso Real-Time Marketing

iPresso allows you to integrate, process and retransmit data. Owing to this, iPresso Enterprise creates a solid basis for designing individual sets of marketing technologies that will be fully suited to the unique needs of a given company.

iPresso integrations

Our clients about us...

Go3 is becoming a more and more engaging platform in each of our markets with iPresso Marketing Automation technology and professional support from the iPresso team
Ivars Lubāns
Head of Go3 B2C business
TV3 Group
Ivars Lubāns
Head of Go3 B2C business
TV3 Group
We are a very demanding business partner that expects a product tailored to our needs
Mateusz Dulewski
Very intuitive software. Easy to learn. After a one day training session participants are able to use it and start creating funnels with different type of segment complexity
Zuzanna Kuskowska
I like the clarity of viewing data and the ease of setting up the automation. The setup is quite easy and support do their job very well by the way. The software seems to be designed by people who understand marketers
Jacek Bereś
TEB Akademia
TEB Edukacja
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Financial services

Managing the automation of marketing and sales and internal processes for banks, financial institutions and insurers.

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Creating unique shopping and promotional experiences for the customer thanks to personalized communication based on online and offline channels.

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E-commerce industry

Acquiring new and retaining existing customers by building relationships based on behavioral profiles and purchase histories.

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Media and entertainment industry
Media & Entertainment

Advanced integration of tools to provide personalized messages for VOD distribution channels, satellite TV and Smart TV content.

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Travel industry

A dedicated version of the system for the tourism industry, ideal for travel agencies, travel companies, airlines and hotels. Streamlined communication that enables a stronger relationship with the recipient.

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Education industry

The iPresso version tailored to the needs of modern education with industry support. Unique solutions, taking into account the specific nature of the educational industries.

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Certified quality and safety

Data security is of prime importance to us, which is why we have implemented quality management and information security management standards based on the highest standards required by GDPR

URS ISO 9001 iPressoiPresso GDPR ReadyURS ISO 27001 iPresso

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