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For many years, iPresso has been supporting professional marketers in designing practical solutions for various industries that provide an advantage, take into account the brand's unique know-how and are noncopyable. With our support, it is possible to implement the Enterprise system within a few hours, and you can enjoy the first positive results of effective automation after just a few days.

A solution unique to your industry

iPresso has versions properly prepared for specific sectors in terms of technological possibilities as well as knowledge, support and ready-made processes.Basing on the data collected by our system, we design unique automation processes and communication support that operate in a specific context of a brand, business, customer group or users.

Customized support

We specialize in selected industries, also in the field of know-how. We provide customized support efficiently integrating with marketing teams and understanding their needs. Our role in building a unique solution is to be proactive. We monitor processes and recommend subsequent steps to achieve more value from marketing automation.

Development of teams

By supporting users on a daily basis, we also take care of providing appropriate expertise and teaching the ability to benefit from technology to achieve greater productivity and build brand value.

Marketing Automation strategy

Together, we prepare a marketing automation strategy, preceded by an audit of the used technologies, market analysis and data exploitation. We prepare recommendations and specific solutions targeting team work-flow, communication tools and appropriate training.

MarTech Stack

Marketing Automation technology is not everything. A properly, consciously developed ecosystem of tools used to support marketing, sales and daily work becomes key in achieving the results expected by recipients. We engage ourselves in the process of building and developing MarTech Stacks from the perspective of automation.


Millions of contacts, millions of messages, and each adjusted individually as to time, content and form. All of it done automatically and seamlessly!

What does iPresso personalize?

  • Personalization of communication time - for each recipient, the message will be sent at the most convenient time, which directly translates into open rate and increases interest in the message.
  • Personalization can have a multi-channel nature - automatic adjustment of a convenient communication channel thanks to advanced scenarios, e.g. some users will receive an e-mail, others will receive a text message, and some will be sent a webpush.
  • Content personalization - the offer can be adjusted and sent based on relevant contact data, such as name, city, position, etc.
  • Personalization of the form of notification - the varied language of the message (e.g. for a group of young people and separately for corporate clients) is more understandable and convincing. Of course, iPresso will deal with the selection of the variant.

How far can you go with personalization?

  • Segments
    Segments allow for automatic qualification of contacts to segments and conducting personalized communication for them according to scenarios that meet the criteria.
  • Microsegments
    Microsegments can be narrowed down to the smallest detail and precisely described groups, which permits highly efficient selective communication.
  • Anonymous users
    An anonymous, first-time visitor to the website does not have to be left without proper service. The system will discreetly observe the sequence of its behavior and, depending on the needs and classification, react by selecting the content and form of on-site communication.
  • Individual customer - 1:1
    The most sophisticated form of communication using automation. With proper preparation of scenarios, it provides the highest quality customer service. This communication model is all about achieving the effect of even hundreds of thousands of individually served clients without the participation of, for example, a sales representative.
  • Change the website for each user
    iPresso provides a number of tools to customize the content of websites without the need to interfere with the CMS or hire programmers. You can display the so-called pop-up layouts, notifications, sidebar etc. but also customize blocks and even replace all content!
  • Industry-specific personalization
    Thanks to the segmentation and analysis of user behavior, it is possible to quickly identify users potentially interested in a specific offer and prepare an independent communication strategy.

Real-Time Marketing

Marketing Automation must provide an instant response to user reactions, ever-changing customer needs, identified preferences and plenty of other factors affecting communication. Such possibilities are available with iPresso technology, which provides specific tools and data processing methods to conduct activities in real time.


  • Instant analysis of attributes and behavior of website and mobile application users - processing of every single contact
  • On-going qualification to the segments of a larger group of contacts (without having to wait for cyclical processing known, among others, from classic CRM systems)
  • Triggering actions (including in external systems such as call center) according to the established activities of contacts
  • Downloading data for the preparation of content "on the fly", processing and displaying it to the indicated user

Selected benefits

  • Increase in conversion from communication to www and mobile
  • Implementation of the brand and company strategy - always available and responsive 24/7
  • Increased cross-selling based on a quick analysis of customer behavior
  • Detection of behavior sequence and immediate reaction
  • Displaying content based on the characteristic behavior of individuals
  • Raising the level of user involvement

iPresso CareLine

Integrated customer support and service solutions with Customer Journey automation and registration.

What makes up the iPresso CareLine solution?

  • iPresso Enterprise – a Marketing Automation system in an industry-specific version
  • iPresso 360 CareLine View - an application designed for people serving customers, which provides a 360-degree view of their activities. It may include additional components, such as calling number identification
  • Integrated tools - Call Center, CRM, Live Chat. Each tool can be implemented via API with the support of our specialists or you can download specific components ready for immediate operation from the provided list


  • special client preview for his dedicated consultants integration of e-mail, SMS, www, mobile, live chat, messenger, mobile, call center channels
  • automated scenarios with personalized communication
  • automatic actions following specific customer behavior
  • automated handling of debt collection and retention processes
  • behavior analytics
  • advanced segmentation
  • simple handling of extensive databases with the possibility of integration from multiple sources
  • linking contacts into relationships
  • tests of communication schemes for specific groups


  • improving the quality of customer service
  • reducing operational costs and maintaining many tools and systems
  • automated reporting with data from multiple sources
  • transparency in the design of messages, testing and operation of scenarios

iPresso eCouponing

Among other things, eCouponing is a way to establish better loyalty relationships with customers, dynamically expand the customer base and conduct personalized sales campaigns.

From light-touch mechanisms with e-mail confirmation codes to advanced monetization programs with integrated production lines. iPresso offers enormous possibilities to design sales and loyalty programs using both electronic and printed coupon instruments.


In the Basic version

  • unique coupons as code lists
  • immediate implementation in the following channels: e-mail, SMS, www, mobile
  • full control over the amount used
  • comprehensive coupon activity reports
  • individual messages tailored to the coupon distribution channels for individual groups
  • scoring mechanisms
  • scoring and integration with loyality programs in iPresso

Additionally in the Enterprise version

  • system of generating unique codes (alphanumeric, QR, barcode) in very large volumes (even> 500 million)
  • distribution of coupons for prints, packaging, serial correspondence, etc.
  • control of coupons/codes for production and distribution
  • code analytics (Data Science and Machine Learning modeling), dedicated reporting, work-flow management of generation and logistics

Selected benefits

  • expansion of the contact databases
  • increased activity, commitment and loyalty of contacts
  • one toolkit intended for various promotional campaigns
  • lower costs of running loyalty and monetization programs
  • better upsell and cross-sell results
  • more precise data about customers/consumers

Testing, research, monitoring

Simultaneous testing of countless variants of communication scenarios, for many channels, each of which can be accurately fragmented, is just one of the options offered by iPresso to improve efficiency.

Wideranging testing

As part of iPresso Studio, you can carry out multi-dimensional, multi-variant A/B/X tests in a single place - tests of e-mails (read more here and here), actions triggered on websites (read more here and here) and others depending on the specifics of the analyzed companies and metrics.

Customer Journey scenario tests

Each scenario can be divided into many variants - random groups, which will additionally have their own, separate scenario. The size of the contact groups in each variant can be established with certainty. As the scenario progresses, the contacts flow to each version, giving an unequivocal answer to which version works best. This extends the possibilities of finding the most efficient way to reach recipients and achieve the desired objectives.

Control groups

Breaking down scenarios also allows the use of control groups. Just select the indicated sample (by giving the % and/or the absolute size of the number of contacts), and iPresso will automatically and randomly “pick” contacts from before the subsequent story of the scenario to check whether executing it actually brings the expected results.

Comparative analysis of conversion in channels

The iPresso system also allows you to report and recognize efficiency. Owing to the unique tool for measuring campaign results, it is possible to compare the defined conversion in selected channels that were used in the campaign. On top of that, you can compare the results in terms of the so-called direct and indirect conversions.

Data Science & Machine Learning

How about even more? For advanced users who already have data showing various phenomena, we prepare models based on advanced statistical analysis. You can also connect them to iPresso in the form of dedicated calculation modules and reports.

MarTech Stack

iPresso allows you to integrate, process and retransmit data. Owing to this, iPresso Enterprise creates a solid basis for designing individual sets of marketing technologies that will be fully suited to the unique needs of a given company.

Benefit from the full potential of your tools

iPresso enables automatic triggering of specific actions in other systems and applications as well as executing actions as a result of inquiries from another system. Thanks to this, the entire MarTech ecosystem in the organization functions dynamically, carrying out tasks automatically and speeding the response time to the necessary minimum.

Integrated reporting

Combining the MarTech tools in iPresso provides, above all, greater possibilities of reporting and assessing the situation across all connected channels, as well as customer knowledge.


Measuring the stages of sales and conversion from promotional activities is key to assessing their effectiveness and the speed at which potential customers overcome each stage of sale process. If you get this kind of insight, then the future planning and execution of improvement plans can go much smoothly.

One of the most popular and common way to track and evaluate progress is using so-called funnels of pipelines.

How do pipelines work?

Divide the whole process into different stages where each one will have its own criteria, about what potential contact needs to do/have to qualify for it.

For example:
Registered newsletter recipient → Downloaded document → Filled form about the offer on WWW → Bought product/service

Or simpler:
sum of every newsletter’s recipient → clicked links referring to e-book → number of downloaded e-books

For each of those stages you can create a different segment with different criteria, and then connect them with a pipeline. And that’s all! You can create many pipelines, and each one of them will automatically refresh itself, so you can always have access to the actual date, and can track on what stage of the pipeline each contact is.

Examples of pipelines

Sales funnels:
First contact/interaction → presentation → sending offer → negotiations → signing contract

Promotion funnels:
Contest registration → confirmation of participation → filling contest questionnaire → receiving promotion email → entering the site with promotion → ordering of promotional product or service

E-commerce funnel:
Adding product/service to cart → confirmation of order → order has been paid for → order has been sent → order has been received

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