Marketing Automation Media & Entertainment

A special version of iPresso for the media and entertainment industry. In addition to being equipped with dedicated technology, it also offers industry-specific support.

Automation and personalized communication with the recipients of content

iPresso M&E is the only such integrated Marketing Automation platform on the market that supports communication for VOD distribution channels, satellite TV, SmartTV content, www and mobile.

Sample communicate: Smartplayer
Monica, you're reaching to the end of the season... But don't worry. Premier od the newest season will be released in 2 weeks!

Who are the users of iPresso?

Solution for OTT and VOD platforms, TV broadcasters, news portals, communication operators, gaming and entertainment ecosystems.

Zintegrowane rozwiązanie, które tworzy wartość

iPresso M&E wyróżnia pełna integrowalność z:

OTT, VOD platforms
Communication on OTT, VOD platforms
mobile apps
Communication in mobile apps
stream players
Communication in stream players
meta data
Integrating metadata
content and product feeds
Integrating content and product feeds
billing systems
Integrating billing systems
CRM systems
Integration of CRM systems

Customer Journey

Integrated database with broad possibilities of working on segments with a single 360 view of each user in the database.

Customer Journey

A well-organized database, built non-stop, updated in real time is a mine of knowledge and insights for marketers. It allows learning more about the consumers of content - their behavior and actual needs. This knowledge represents a market advantage and a starting point for further, even better and more effective communication activities.

Customer Journey in Marketing Automation Scenario

Importantly, iPresso M&E allows you to work on people and segments, build customer paths and manage their life cycle, frequency of communication, and administer databases of many product segments in one place.

Sample communicate:
Daniel, are you ready for Valentine's Day? Good to watch together. Find more movies for two.

Create a personalized service

Communication is an indispensable part of the product and services of the media industry. With iPresso, the largest operators and broadcasters establish relationships with their users on a different level of personalization, creating additional, unique value for their recipients.

... while keeping privacy and maintaining security

Play fair. Data security and attention to privacy require top-class solutions - which is what iPresso M&E is all about.

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URS ISO 9001IAB PolskaURS ISO 27001iPresso GDPR Ready

Coordination of working teams and partners

Integrate your campaign preparation process

iPresso adjusts the permissions and functions to the work of marketing teams - it’s a tool used in their daily work. It permits granting access not only to individual functionalities, e.g. in view of the role within the business, but also due to the target group of communication.

iPresso band hero

It also allows for the engagement of iPresso’s external partners, who develop projects and campaign schemes directly in the system.

Be ready for changes and innovations

New communication channels, tools, preferences of users and recipients of content, brand new formats. Readiness for continuous adaptation is the DNA of iPresso M&E and the source of our clients' competitive advantage.

We create unique solutions giving real competitive advantage

Build loyalty

In iPresso, you have at your disposal a set of tools for cross-selling, up-selling, repeat purchases, returns, and educating customers about the product category.


Tools for creating promotions using coupons (print, digital)

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Bonus points programs

Creation of multiple, simultaneous (e.g. for different brands and products) monetization programs.

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Lead nurturing

Education of customers within the world of the brand and product category that allows enhancing preparedness to buy.

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