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With iPresso for B2B, you will handle every stage of the sales funnel and increase the efficiency of your Marketing activities. Thus, you will increase sales, because it's sales that count at the end of the day

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Lead Generation

ipresso basic for b2b

Are you investing in getting traffic to your site? Convert anonymous users into recognized users and those contacts into sales leads. Generate new leads and make better use of the money you invest on marketing.

Use cases:

Generate new leads with sign-up forms that you embed directly on your website or in a pop-up

Recognize your customers - i.e., catch anonymous (unregistered) contacts with appropriate on-site messages (e.g., pop-up with sign-up form) or consent to push notifications and convert them into sales leads

You won't show the same on-site messages thanks to personalization and contact monitoring

In short, you will gain new leads and draw "more" from, among other things, the paid advertising channels with which you draw traffic to your website.

Increase customer engagement

ipresso basic for b2b

Great! You've successfully generated valuable leads. With iPresso, you will launch a series of automations that will boost their engagement and close the sales!

Use cases:

On-boarding - a series of emails in which you make yourself better known to your customers and which better define your company's values

Lead Nurturing - that is, increasing your customers' engagement and building You can send a series of emails with a mini-course, where each subsequent email will be one lesson.

Automatic notifications for your Sales team. In iPresso, you'll trigger automatic notifications to your sales team when someone fills out a form with an inquiry. This will put your sales team in touch with a potential customer in no time.

Sell more with iPresso

ipresso basic for b2b

You already have quality leads and relevant customer engagement. Now it's time to increase your sales. With iPresso you will successfully launch cross and up-selling processes. Check out the examples and put them into practice!

Use cases:

Launch a pop-up with product, service or content recommendations, e.g. (best in category, most frequently purchased together).

Through monitoring contact activities, send an automated e-mail with additional recommended products or services

Embed recommendation frames on the website and show recommended products, content and services

Launch your first marketing automation campaigns in the blink of an eye

ipresso basic for b2b

With iPresso theme creator, launching your first automations has never been so easy! Generate pop-up templates and email creations in 5 minutes. Choose a guiding color, upload your logo and there you go. You can launch your first automations.

Get to know your customer better

We know you know your customers very well, but you can do even better.
iPresso helps you do that every step of the way.

Monitor your contacts

Monitor your contacts, or react to your customers' behavior in real time. See that a customer has visited a pricing page? Send a message to the sales team asking them to contact the customer.

Segment your contact base

In other words, better identify your customers' preferences. Target the right message at the right place at the right time.

Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty

With NPS surveys, you will measure the level of customer satisfaction. In addition, you will learn how you can improve your operations and this is based on the most important opinion - your customers.

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