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Fast, cheap and effective - this is how you will implement iPresso to your eCommerce. It makes your store responsive to any customer activity - even potential ones!

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ipresso basic for e-commerce

Integration with your eCommerce platform is done through a plug-in that you install by yourself without any IT support

Firstly, you integrate the system easily and quickly thanks to iPresso's integrations that use the most popular e-commerce engines.

Secondly,  you get a series of articles and explainers introducing you to iPresso + support from our consultants, which will guarantee an easy start

Thirdly, you launch marketing campaigns with iPresso's theme builder. What is the Theme Builder? It's a tool that automatically generates email templates and pop-ups based on your brand colors and logo.

With such tools, in no time, you'll be running processes, such as:

Pop-up with newsletter signup form.

A marketing automation script with a “Thank You” email and a discount code for signing up.

You will create a quick mailing campaign to your recipients informing them about news in the store.

Yes, that's all it takes to launch your first marketing automation campaigns working to grow your store!

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Recover sales from abandoned shopping carts

benefits from ipresso basic for e-commerce

iPresso tracks your customers' shopping activities. With them, you will launch automated processes to rescue abandoned shopping carts and recover some sales.

Higher average shopping cart value

benefits from ipresso basic for e-commerce

You will send personalized marketing messages through monitoring contacts and their activity. You will successfully implement cross- and up-selling processes, knowing what your customer bought or was interested in.

Tools for e-commerce

benefits from ipresso basic for e-commerce

Feed Manager - an easy way to manage and update your product feeds. Once prepared, you will use your feed in such channels as e-mail, SMS, web-push. And thanks to Recommendation Frames you will present your products also on-site (in a pop-up or as an element of a web page). Recommend wisely and sell more!

Customer loyalty

benefits from ipresso basic for e-commerce

Getting new customers is not enough. Take care of your current customers as well. Recognize customers with loyalty programs and reward them. You will not only increase sales, but also customer loyalty to the brand.

Measuring customer satisfaction

benefits from ipresso basic for e-commerce

In iPresso you will also gain what is most valuable, the opinions of your customer. Through surveys, including NPS surveys, you will measure the level of satisfaction and the ability to recommend your products to others.

Consent management in compliance with GDPR

benefits from ipresso basic for e-commerce

With the consent manager in iPresso, GDPR won't be so scary. You will manage all consents and store their content in one place. In addition, thanks to integrations with the most popular e-commerce engines, the status of your consents will always be up-to-date.

iPresso BASIC, means Marketing
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Do you have a contact database of 2,000, 10,000 or 30,000 contacts?
iPresso BASIC is the solution for you.


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or €590 per month if settled monthly


iPresso Expansion
€1390 / month

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or $1520 per month if settled monthly

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