iPresso FMCG Suite

Supports sales of FMCG manufacturers and brands in every channel

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Take advantage of standards and innovations selected by industry leaders

iPresso is a comprehensive platform that helps increase the value of many brands, including:

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While designing the iPresso FMCG Suite, we used the knowledge and experience of our long-standing cooperation with the largest companies in this industry. We created a tool that helps increase sales of manufacturers and brands in every channel.

With iPresso, we have built a comprehensive, integrated, fully automated and personalized Care Line system for expectant and nursing moms.

The iPresso FMCG Suite supports our brands and customers on a daily basis. Thanks to automation and advanced integrations, we are able to carry out sophisticated communications on a large scale, which would not be possible without the right Marketing Automation partner.
Zuzanna Kuskowska
CRM & Marketing Automation Manager

iPresso FMCG Suite increases results through, among other things:

Building and growing the consumer base
Increasing brand awareness
Trade-marketing support
Knowledge of the consumer
Automating consumer promotion processes
Combining online with offline
Precise, effective, personalized communication conducted across multiple channels
Over 10 years of iPresso experience

Generate promo codes in iPresso

Create landing pages with forms

Collect contacts and monitor activities

View 360 view of contact and activity history

Automate processes and communications

Conduct multi-channel communication

Use the base in future campaigns

Keep track of the effects

Arrange a presentation

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