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We have been working with the largest companies in the industry for more than 10 years. Based on this experience, we have created a solution tailored to the specifics of FMCG.

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iPresso Enterprise for FMCG

Major consumer brands have chosen iPresso to build customer relationships. Tailored, contextual communication will bring your company increases in audience loyalty, marketing effectiveness and sales.

With us, you will automate communications conducted through channels tailored to your customers' expectations - including email, SMS, WhatsApp, push notifications.

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Context based marketing automation

Reaching customers through the channel they prefer is only half the battle. You still need to provide him with the content he is looking for at the moment. We rely on context-based marketing, the most effective form of communication. iPresso collects data about user activity on your company's website and sends messages tailored to their current needs.

Contextual marketing pays attention to and takes advantage of what is going on around the customer: weather conditions, exchange rates, interest segments. It doesn't just rely on information from CRM and other sources. Context builds a broader and closer communication with the recipient, which translates into increased sales, better conversions and greater loyalty.

Managing knowledge about YOUR consumers

We gather knowledge about customer behavior for you and help
you use this data to build an even better shopping experience

Consumer data + External data (e.g., weather conditions)

Contact segmentation, Marketing Automation scenarios, Personalization

Communication via email, web, SMS, web push, mobile push, WhatsApp, packaging, G Ads + others

We actively support Customer Journey

Marketing automation will help you create a comprehensive knowledge base of your consumers. From building a database of contacts, to multiple options for engaging them to interact with your company, to keeping them interested in your offerings.




Attracting new consumers to the base, i.e. promotional activities, sweepstakes, events and systematic activities.

Welcome process
Handling abandonment


second step

Engaging consumers in promotional activities, stimulating purchases, building awareness.

Informing about news
Recommended content
Communication to segments 1:1
Loyalty programs


third STEP

Consumer retention - Recurring purchases.

Monitoring and appropriate segmentation
Antichurn activities
NPS Surveys
Handling abandonment
Trade-marketing support

Combine online with offline

maximize conversions

We know how important offline activities are in the FMCG industry. iPresso combines the effects of these activities with online marketing to support trade-marketing and sales, and maximize e-commerce conversions.

Multiply the effectiveness of marketing teams

ready-made solutions

Do you have a small marketing team and are worried that there won't be enough human resources to enjoy the benefits of automation? Rest assured, iPresso increases the efficiency of even the smallest teams many times over, offering ready-made scenarios for marketing activities and automating processes that previously took you a lot of time.

Generate promo codes in iPresso

Create landing pages with forms

Collect contacts and monitor activities

Conduct multi-channel communication

Use the base in future campaigns

Why iPresso FMCG?

see why it is worth working with us
Quick implementation with support from our experts
Know-how that we have built and refined for more than 10 years
Professional training and certification for marketers
Adaptation of market innovations and new technological trends
Low start-up threshold - will work for any size company
World-class technology proven by FMCG industry leaders
Dedicated, personalized solutions for each client
Guarantee of safe and quality solutions

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