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#1 Marketing Automation for the FMCG industry

It is primarily a solution tailored to the industry. Build a unique advantage with technology and support that understands the specifics of the given sector.

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iPressoFMCG Industry

Marketing automation in FMCG

iPresso Enterprise version dedicated to the FMCG industry
Collecting data

Collecting and integrating data about consumers

Multi-channel communication

Multi-channel personalized communication

Reporting in real time

Reporting in real time


Unique consumer experiences. Noncopyable brand values.

Who is iPresso FMCG for?

  • manufacturing companies and brands of fast-moving consumer goods: dairy products, snacks, cold cuts, pasta, sauces
  • production companies and brands of non-alcoholic beverages and low-alcohol products (beer, ciders)
  • brands from the household chemicals industry
  • brands from the personal care industry (cosmetics, care products)
  • brands of specialist products: baby food, medical nutrition products

Who works with iPresso FMCG?

  • marketing managers, brand managers
  • digital marketing specialists and managers
  • analysts
  • marketing directors
  • specialists, representatives of advertising agencies - brand partners

Latest brands that use iPresso FMCG

Key benefits
achieved by iPresso FMCG users

Building a consumer base
Expanding the consumer base
Integrated communication
Real value for brands and business - reaching consumers directly
Increasing the amount of real data collected about consumers
Compliance and control of personal data protection processes
Bringing order to data and their integration per consumer, instead of just per brand
Control over campaign creation processes, even by many partners simultaneously
More effective adaptation of marketing technologies by the organization
Faster organizational learning
Continuity of data collection
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Coordination of the work of teams and agencies

  • iPresso adjusts the powers and functions to the operation of marketing teams - it's a tool in their daily work. It allows to grant access not only to specific functionalities, e.g. due to the role in the company, but also in view of the target group of communication.
  • iPresso also allows for the involvement of external partners, who develop projects and campaign schemes directly in the system.
iPresso user groups

iPresso FMCG is all about:

  • preparing campaigns by marketing employees and advertising agencies in one place
  • reviewing campaign results by measurement of indicators such as KPI
  • advanced rights management giving greater control over the process of creating and launching a campaign
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