Marketing Automation for e-commerce

A special version of iPresso for the e-commerce industry. In addition to being equipped with tailor-made technology, it also offers industry-specific support.

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Multi-channel Marketing Automation with personalization

Integration with the store platform

Check if the e-Commerce solution for your store is among the available and ready-made integrations:

If not - let us know. Perhaps we’re integrating them right now.

We also offer individual integrations and extend the existing ones according to individual needs and requirements, and provide iPresso Enteprise clients with individual support.

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Restore abandoned carts

The shopping cart is not the only option abandoned by customers sometimes. There is a lot more happening before the product is added to the cart. Customers enter with the intention of purchase, but they must first search, read, fill out forms, register, etc.

With iPresso you can identify abandoned processes and automatically respond with personalized scenarios.

Downloading product feeds

iPresso collects information from various sources. That said, to prepare an accurate sales message, it uses product data, which it can automatically include in the form of feeds.

But products are not everything. iPresso also downloads other kinds of content, e.g. in the form of RSS feeds. Thanks to this, the newsletter will not only be personalized, but also prepared automatically.

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RFM Reports

RFM reports will help you understand and effectively manage your customer relationships.

Unlike other RFM reports, in iPresso you can not only analyze the data, but segment customer groups right away: create communication scenarios for them and reach them with relevant, personalized messages.

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eCommerce Dashboard

Functionality available to customers using eCommerce integration. Based on your contacts' purchases, it allows you to calculate and present changes over time of various eCommerce-related metrics on a daily basis.

Personalized on-site messages

Design and run messages on store pages without IT interference.

  • Push notifications
  • Overlays
  • Messages with the contact form
  • Adjustable capping
  • Precise targeting
  • Boxes, banners, slides
  • Own formats in any shape

Smart sales and more

iPresso offers a set of tools for cross-selling, up-selling, repeat purchases, returns, and educating customers about the product category.

Create and run campaigns: quickly, easily, efficiently with iPresso Studio

iPresso is the work tool of marketers. Therefore, it constantly adapts to the requirements of users and end recipients of the created message - clients.

iPresso Studio is a built-in interface thanks to which the creation of new campaigns and communication scenarios does not require technological advancement. It allows you to prepare even the most complex paths by yourself.

Context Based Marketing Automation

You usually communicate with the customer through the channel they use most often, such as email. But that's only half the sales success. Give the customer the message they need right here right now. It could be a promotion, a discount, something that fits into the customer's context.

Grafika ilustrująca zbieranie danych z otoczenia przez iPresso

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Automated Report and Analysis Generation Process

Collection of automatically updated reports and options for sending data to analytical systems.

Support for Sales Process Management Based on Customer Behavior Information

Automatic real-time response to customer behavior, such as on the website, emails, and implementing automation scenarios with messages that increase conversion.

Content Automation with Content Feed

Automatic "stitching" of content based on a dynamic feed (pulled or added from content databases such as products, descriptions, and articles).

Creating and Managing Email Retargeting Campaigns

Email campaigns sent to contacts who have already interacted with the company (e.g., visited the website) according to a specified scenario or specific activity.

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