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With iPresso your company's sales can increase enormously. Start increasing sales and conversions from as little as $119/month.

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What do you gain with iPresso BASIC?


More leads, conversions and sales!

Recognize your customers and respond with the right message
iPresso will help you to segment your customer base determined by the activities and attributes of your contacts. So you can execute your marketing campaigns 10-times more effectively.

Sell more with personalized recommendations
With iPresso you will successfully implement cross-selling and up-selling. By monitoring the activity of your contacts, you will send a personalized message encouraging them to buy other products or use additional services. In addition, thanks to recommendation frames, you will present your novelties or most frequently purchased products on-site (as an element of the website and pop-up).

With automated marketing automation scenarios, you will trigger multi-channel marketing communications based on your customer's activities or lack thereof.

Application example

example 1
Customer visits monitored website
No conversion activity for 3 days
Sending mailing on day
Web-push message after 1 day
example 2
Customer has filled out a contact form with an inquiry on the www
Marketing Automation system sends a confirmation of the form completion to the customer and at the same time a notification to the sales team to contact the customer

Greater efficiency from the activities!

One sales machine instead of several smaller tools, i.e. all the tools in one place. No need to "jump" from one system to another.

Includes multi-channel marketing communications (emails, SMS, web-pushes, on-site) at the best price - in one affordable subscription.

What's more, by automating repetitive marketing processes, you'll increase the overall efficiency of your marketing, and use the time you save for great concepts!


More leads, conversions and sales!

That's what marketing automation is all about - you'll turn your great ideas into automated processes that will work for your business growth. The most important thing is the concept, and iPresso will do the rest.

iPresso BASIC, means Marketing
Automation at the best price

Do you have a contact database of 1,000, 10,000 or 30,000 contacts?
iPresso BASIC is the solution for you.


iPresso Lite
$119 / month

annual payment

or $129 per month if settled monthly


iPresso Plus
$380 / month

annual payment

or $410 per month if settled monthly


iPresso Pro
$890 / month

annual payment

or $990 per month if settled monthly


iPresso Expansion
$1390 / month

annual payment

or $1520 per month if settled monthly

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Does your contact database have more contacts or do you have more complex needs?

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And then it’s just a leap to a whole new level!

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Remember: you will test iPresso for 30 days completely free of charge, and our consultants will help you launch your first automations.

iPresso BASIC customized by industry

Do you operate specifically in the B2B or e-commerce industry?
Check out our dedicated solutions for e-commerce and B2B

iPresso BASIC for B2B

With iPresso for B2B you will handle every stage of the sales funnel and increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Thus, you will increase your sales, because that's what counts at the EOD.

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iPresso BASIC for e-commerce

Fast, cheap and effective - this is how you will implement iPresso to your eCommerce. It will make your store responsive to any customer activity - even potential ones!

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FAQ or frequently asked questions

What are the parameters of TRIAL?

TRIAL has the same parameters as the Lite plan except for SMS: 10 and e-mails: 300.

Do you need to sign an agreement?

No. iPresso subscription plans do not require a written agreement. Just register your iPresso and settle the payment for the selected subscription plan for a month or a year. We sign the contract for iPresso Enterprise, which has individual parameters.

How can I pay for the subscription?

We accept payments via credit card, Visa and Mastercard. You can choose monthly or annual payments, the subscription fee is always charged at the beginning of the period. In the case of iPresso Enterprise, payment by bank transfer or card on the basis of an invoice.

Is there an additional cost?

No. You can freely use the system up to the limit in the selected subscription plan. You can upgrade to a higher plan with higher limits at any time.

Will I receive a VAT invoice?

Yes, please send us e-mail with company name and your iPresso account url (e.g. mycompany.ipresso.com) to invoice@ipresso.com.

What is a "contact" in a subscription?

It is a person, company who have identification data, e.g. e-mail

How is the BASIC plan different from the enterprise version?

iPresso BASIC (LITE, PLUS, PRO, EXPANSION plans) does not require a long-term contract, it can be extended every month or year and it’s a great solution for small and medium-sized companies. It’s a perfect fit for contact bases that do not exceed 50 thousand. Enterprise is made available on individual cooperation terms, you can have a contact database counted in millions and many additional features and modules, thanks to which iPresso can become an industry-specific solution.

What support is included in the price?

Basic support consists in the Help Center, 24/7 e-mail (BASIC) and telephone or video support (Enterprise). It is possible to extend the support on individual terms under Premium Support: iPresso Academy & Services. Ask us about individual support and offer: sales@ipresso.com.

Is there an installation fee?

No. iPresso is activated at the time of registration and subscription fee. In case of more advanced adjustments of iPresso, you can order iPresso Services. This applies to the Enterprise edition.

Are there discounts for nonprofits and schools?

Yes. NGOs and schools can count on a 40% discount.

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