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What is email marketing?

Email is one of the oldest electronic communication tools on the Internet. The first e-mail message was sent in 1971.

According to many studies, email marketing is still one of the most frequently used marketing channels.

Compared to other forms of online marketing, email marketing often has one of the highest returns on investment (ROI). Good campaigns can generate significant revenues at relatively low costs.

Billions of emails are sent every day around the world. It is estimated that one person receives approximately 121 emails per day.

Personalizing content in email marketing can significantly impact campaign results. According to research, personalized messages can increase opens by approximately 26%.

How to use e-mail marketing?

Build a contact database

Start by building a solid subscriber list. Encourage visitors to subscribe to the newsletter through forms on the website, special offers or competitions.

Segmentation of the contact database

Segment your database by dividing subscribers into groups according to various criteria such as preferences, location, purchasing behavior. This will allow for more targeted messages.

Personalization of messages

Personalize your messages by using names, tailoring offers to your recipients' preferences, and delivering personalized content based on their purchase history.

Well-designed campaigns

Create campaigns with attractive graphics, clear layout and clear message. Well-designed emails are more effective and encourage interaction.

Catchy title

Take the time to create compelling titles. This is the first thing the recipient sees and determines whether they open the message. Test different variants to identify the most effective ones.


Use marketing automation to create communication streams. Automatic notifications about abandoned carts, a welcome series for new subscribers and birthday offers are just a few examples.

A/B testing

Regularly conduct A/B testing to identify which elements of your campaign (e.g. subject line, content, CTA) generate better results and engage your audience better.

Optimal shipping time

Find optimal shipping times for your target group. Shipping times may impact openings and interactions.

Results analysis

Track metrics such as open rates, click-throughs, and conversions. Analyze the results to adapt your strategies based on the data obtained.

How does e-mail marketing work in iPresso?

Drag&Drop Editor

Easy, quick design with the iPresso Studio wizard - shows step by step how to prepare an e-mail using the intuitive drag-drop editor.


The template library contains ready-made email formats in various styles. Quickly creating a shipment for now or for a scenario is a matter of a few well-thought-out clicks.

Email preview

To conduct effective email marketing, you need to know how your message will look on different screens and devices. A clear email preview will ensure that everything has been done correctly before hitting the send button.

A/B/X testing

Conduct multidimensional tests to make email marketing automation as effective as possible. You can test email senders in combinations with subject and content, and select the best versions automatically not only based on opens, but also on clicks and even final conversions.


It is possible to fully customize content, images and data sources (e.g. product feeds from an online store). A personalized e-mail included in a marketing automation scenario has a greater chance of being opened and interested by recipients. The data obtained can, in turn, be used to optimize subsequent shipments.


Accurate reporting of e-mail marketing campaigns: individually and collectively, according to separate criteria. Here you can, among other things, check conversions from specific e-mail marketing campaigns.

Advanced settings

Full campaign configuration in one place, on one page. There is no need to jump between tabs, all the necessary e-mail marketing tools are available.

High throughput and deliverability

Full campaign configuration in one place, on one page. There is no need to jump between tabs, all the necessary e-mail marketing tools are available.

In which industries will e-mail marketing work?


E-mail marketing is an excellent tool for promoting products, informing about promotions, reminding about abandoned carts, and building customer loyalty.


The financial industry can use email marketing to inform customers about new offers, remind them about payment deadlines, and provide financial information.


In the education industry, e-mail marketing is used to inform about new courses, provide educational materials, and maintain contact with training participants.


Travel agencies can use email marketing to promote travel offers, provide information about destinations, and remind people about bookings.


Media companies can use email marketing to promote content, inform about news, offer subscriptions and build a community of readers or viewers.


E-mail marketing is an excellent tool in the fashion industry for promoting new collections, informing about sales, and providing personalized offers.

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