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Advanced solutions for the financial sector

A special version of iPresso for the financial sector. In additional to being equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it also offers industry-specific support.

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A solution for companies and financial institutions - advanced Marketing Automation with support and individual integration. Created to meet the needs of bank marketers, insurers, loan and investment companies. A tool for modern and effective marketing in finance.

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A 5% increase in customer retention can translate into a 25%-100% upsurge in profit. 70% of purchasing decisions depend on how customers are treated

Ernst & Young Global Consumer Banking Survey

Multi-channel communication

Multi-channel communication from one position

Integrated communication channels allow you to manage personalized communication directly from one place and in real time: e-mailing, text messages, push notifications, web personalization and any other channel available for integration.

Control over the campaign

Viewing the flow of contacts and measuring KPIs in real time or close to real time at each stage of implemented activities.

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Measurement of KPI
Customer Journey Design

Visual design of Customer Journeys

Creating, launching and monitoring multi-channel, multi-scenario customer paths is available to marketers and requires no involvement of technology specialists each time. Marketing Automation scenarios can be easily saved as pictures for use in internal presentations.

Adaptation to current needs and technological novelties

The system is continuously developed as new, proven technologies used by clients of financial products emerge. We closely monitor the work environment of marketing teams by providing tools tailored to the needs of marketers.

Team work

Integration of campaign design

iPresso supports team work – dedicated specialists are responsible for specific elements of the campaign, but they also have access to the whole picture: helping them to understand the role and objectives of the campaign. The duplication of roles, tasks and communication activities is limited. There is greater transparency and readability of activities.

High scalability

Working with databases with millions of contacts, many connected sources, millions of views and system queries daily. Infrastructure prepared on a large scale, rapid development and high data growth. iPresso Enterprise Financial Services provides high uptime with a guaranteed level of SLA.

Security and privacy

High security standards and encrypted connections, processes and security procedures confirmed by cyclical audits and ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 recertified annually.

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