Additional services

Together with our clients, we work on expanding their team's marketing technology skills.
Therefore our offer can be tailored to your requirements in terms of support and service. iPresso is not only a Marketing Automation platform; it’s also all about know-how, experience, training, system integration and development of dedicated components.
Our teams of Customer Success, Customer Development and Integration Specialists take care of the systematic development of our clients on a daily basis.

iPresso Services

We offer professional services in the field of:

System integration

System analysis

System analysis

Design and production

Design and production of individual extensions for iPresso

Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting in the field of MA strategy

Analytics and data auditing

Analytics and data auditing

UI testing

UI testing with eyetracking research

iPresso Creative Services

These are creative services supporting the preparation of campaigns

With iPresso Creative Services, you receive:

  • a high-quality Marketing Automation platform
  • the ability to develop the skills of users
  • expert knowledge tailored to the needs of your industry
  • support of automation and IT specialists
  • the ability to integrate systems and applications
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iPresso Academy

we share expertise

With iPresso Academy, you receive:

  • Individual trainings and workshops in the field of, among others using Marketing Automation, marketing technologies, automation strategies, Customer Journey, creating personas, analytics.
  • We also run individual development programs preceded by evaluation and completed with a certificate.
  • We conduct trainings in remote and stationary forms on clients' premises.
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Premium Support

iPresso Enterprise = Premium Support

  • Each client of iPresso Enterprise is looked after and monitored by our specialists. For this purpose, we provide a special Service Desk channel and dedicated contacts with people who know the ins and outs of the client's industry and solutions.
  • Our support processes, established over many years, are constantly refined and covered by the ISO 9001 quality standard and SLA procedures.
  • The top standard of service expected by professionals is nothing else but real Premium Support. We provide our support to clients all over the world.
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