iPresso Education

iPresso Enterprise for modern education

A special version of iPresso for the education sector. Equipped with not only the right technology but also with industry support.

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iPressoEducation industry

Who is iPresso Education for?

  • for universities, language schools, training companies, modern educational institutions
  • for marketing teams, press spokesmen, promotion and sales employees
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Effects achieved thanks to the use of iPresso Education:

IPresso Enterprise version dedicated to the education sector
Effective recruitment

More effective recruitment

Increase sales

Increased sales of educational services


Greater brand loyalty and attachment

Internal communication

More effective internal communication

Improved service

Improved service for students and trainees

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iPresso support

Support understanding the specifics of the education sector

  • many years of experience in cooperation with the education industry
  • a team of professional consultants and experienced Marketing Automation practitioners
  • creating marketing automation strategies, implementing solutions, recommendations
  • preparing creations for the needs of Marketing Automation
  • UX research
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Integration of marketing data
in one place

A solid stack of marketing technologies within iPresso
A broad collection of applications and systems for integration with iPresso
Control over data and personal data protection processes
Advanced segmentation
iPresso API for unlimited integration possibilities
Flexibility in building data structure
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Marketing automation in education industry

Respond quickly

iPresso Education makes it possible to create scenarios that respond to the needs of customers, pupils, students throughout the entire process, from consideration of the offer to communication and finalization.
As a result, educational services acquire additional value.

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  • implemented ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards
  • data in secure data centers
  • encrypted connections
  • separate installation of the system under your own subdomain
  • high corporate security standards for access to the system
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