Why iPresso?

+thousands of saved hours
+12 years of experience
+millions of marketing automation processes

Others sell you stories that email marketing and a simple contact database are enough.

Marketing automation is a whole lot more than that - it's about communicating with your recipients at the right time, delivering the content they need right now, through the channel in which they are most active.

And we understand that. That's why we created the best Marketing Automation System.

iPresso is the only Context-based Marketing Automation platform on the market, with which companies build unique solutions and increase competitive advantage.

Context-based Marketing Automation

Typical Marketing
Automation System

Marketing Automation

Multi-channel communication with customers embedded in their context. Responds to current needs and delivers what the recipient really needs.

Unique features

iPresso Satellite

Perfect tool for real-time marketing. Messages to customers are sent automatically based on current weather conditions, for example.

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Relationships between contacts

People in the iPresso database are not just email addresses. You can link them into relationships, such as parent-child, to target communications even more precisely and build customer loyalty.

Abandoned processes

Unpaid shopping carts are the nightmare of e-commerce. Not with iPresso - we have ways to effectively recover abandoned transactions.

Communication via WhatsApp

When emails and SMS aren't enough, WhatsApp - the world's most popular messenger with 2 billion users - comes into play. You can send text messages, images, videos, create auto-reply scenarios, all with an open rate of up to 95%.

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Feed Manager and recommendation frames

Powerful yet intuitive tools for automatically recommending to customers products they have recently viewed on your site. You'll use these recommendations not only in emails, but even in personalized pop-ups and push notifications on the site.

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NPS Surveys

A system for automatically collecting ratings and feedback from your customers - linked to your contact database, so you can easily find out which customers think what about you and use this information to improve their loyalty.

Theme creator

Launch your campaign in 5 minutes with automatic pop-up and email template generation. Just select a color palette, upload your logo and you're done!

Persona creator

A tool for creating personas - here you will describe, illustrate and put into practice the main character of each Customer Journey.

Global multi-panel for international teams

Do you run a business in several countries at the same time? With iPresso, you have a complete set of data, statistics and reports in one panel, and you don't have to log in to several platforms.

Versions tailored to industries

Our clients achieve more

Conversions higher by up to 500%

Immediate system response to customer behavior

Recovery of abandoned sales opportunities

New competencies for marketing teams

Savings on other tools no longer needed

Rich, constantly expanded knowledge of users

Increase efficiency through automation

Marketing automation allows you to do 10 times as many tasks in the same amount of time and manpower
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Support, training, skill enhancement

Develop iPresso as you need

Most marketing automation systems are closed, rigid platforms.
But not us.
Do you need extensive reports?
Hundreds of automated communication scenarios?
At iPresso you will build a Marketing Automation platform according to your needs.

Your own solution

iPresso chosen by leaders

What we do, how we do it and why we do it is important to our customers.
It is no coincidence that these are major companies that demand a lot from their partners.
Among those who have trusted us are:

AM Baltics
TVN Warner Bros Discovery
Nationale Nederlanden
Generali Investments
Royal Canin
Grupa Żywiec
Uczelnie WSB Merito

Certified quality and safety

Data security is of prime importance to us, which is why we have implemented quality management and information security management standards based on the highest standards required by GDPR

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United Registrar of Systems ISO 9001
ISO 9001
United Registrar of Systems ISO 27001
ISO 27001


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