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Who is iPresso Enterprise for?

  • Are you thinking strategically about marketing automation?
  • Do you expect technology that will make your ideas come true?
  • When you need something more than a supplier but rather a partner who knows the ins and outs of your industry, who understands support as the actual development of your team

iPresso Enterprise is the first choice of regional and international companies. We support marketing teams operating in selected and global markets.

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Specialized industry versions

ipresso enterprise


Managing the automation of marketing and sales and internal processes for banks, financial institutions and insurers.

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Creating unique shopping and promotional experiences for customers thanks to tailor-made communication based on online and offline channels.

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Acquiring new and retaining existing customers by building relationships based on behavioral profiles and purchase histories.

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Media & Entertainment

Advanced integration of tools to provide personalized messages for VOD distribution channels, satellite TV and Smart TV content.

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A customized version of the system for the tourism industry, perfect for travel agencies, travel companies, airlines and hotels. Easier communication that enables a stronger relationship with the recipient.

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The iPresso version tailored to the needs of modern education with industry support. Unique solutions, taking into account the specific nature of the educational industries.

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iPresso Enterprise means Enterprise standards

ipresso enterprise
more than just an automation system

iPresso Enterprise means Enterprise standards

Guarantee of further development

Continuous development of the platform with new functionalities, solutions, tools and integrations.


Ready to use in just minutes and dedicated tools for specific needs.

iPresso integrations


High guarantee of the services provided, including the availability of the system and support based on procedures ensuring safe use.


Implemented and updated standards for information security management (27001) and quality management (9001).

URS ISO 27001 iPressoURS ISO 9001 iPresso

Big Data

Ax extensive quantitative scale of the types of processed data

iPresso reports


The platform is open to developing your own unique solutions and ideas based on the possibilities of iPresso.

iPresso openness


Real-time personalized communication enabling effective operation based on loads of efficiently processed data using professional and easy-to-use tools.

iPresso Real-Time Marketing


Reliability confirmed by the biggest names and industry requirements.


High level of security on multiple levels and advanced procedures for access control. Everything in accordance with requirements such as the GDPR.

iPresso consent manager

Work Flow Management

Managing permissions depending on the role and team divided into individual categories. On top of that, the possibility of performing operations only after prior approval.

iPresso user groups

What more?

ipresso enterprise

iPresso Enterprise is as unique as your brand. A system adapted to the industry takes into account such conditions as:

  • Platform parameters
  • SLA
  • Support
  • Key User Education Program
  • Development of integration and individual MarTech stack
  • Development of unique solutions (functionality, applications)

Global Enterprise Edition

Version dedicated for companies operating on several geographic markets, both with local and centralized marketing teams.
The perfect solution for capital groups and companies that have a multi-brand offer with independent consumer databases.

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Our clients about us...

We are a very demanding business partner that expects a product tailored to our needs
Mateusz Dulewski
Very intuitive software. Easy to learn. After a one day training session participants are able to use it and start creating funnels with different type of segment complexity
Zuzanna Kuskowska
I like the clarity of viewing data and the ease of setting up the automation. The setup is quite easy and support do their job very well by the way. The software seems to be designed by people who understand marketers
Jacek Bereś
TEB Akademia
TEB Edukacja
curious of who else uses ipresso?
Get to know our clients


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