Measuring results

ipresso's features

Modern marketing is all about setting indicators that describe the state and effect of communication with the users. Continuous observation in real time allows an immediate response and an instant correction.


With iPresso, key performance indicators (KPIs) can be defined individually. We do not impose ready-made metrics and do not claim that they will be the best. Every business develops its own metrics for measuring the effectiveness and condition of marketing. iPresso observes the established KPIs and measures them constantly, showing the level of performance, trend and defined target.

Reporting from integrated data

iPresso integrates data from a number of sources, enabling reporting in a uniform manner in one place.

Database overview

What is the status of the database? How many categories are there, how many contacts have certain characteristics? These questions concerning attributes are targeted by a database cross-section report that can be shaped according to your needs in the form of configurable dashboards.

Pairing iPresso with Google Analytics

Integration with the most popular tool for online traffic analysis takes place in two directions: iPresso downloads selected data to enable defining own KPIs in combination with data from other sources, and iPresso provides data to GA.

Campaign report

Measure the conversion, e.g. to the indicated customer activities. You can indicate the conversion, choose the communication channels from which it should occur and measure it precisely day after day.

RFM Reports

Evaluation and classification of contacts based on purchasing activity.
The evaluation is done within three components: Recency, Frequency, Monetary.
Activities are deferred on the profile of each contact in the database - so you can quickly create, for example, a scenario activating with promotions customers who have not bought anything for a long time.
The report automatically refreshes once a day and allows you to analyze customers' buying habits in real time.
We recommend the RFM report especially to e-commerce companies.

Dedicated dashboards

iPresso allows you to obtain a dedicated, unique dashboard in any predefined form, which will collect data, count and indicate statuses. We will help you choose the metrics and consult the possibilities.

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