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What are pop-ups?

Pop-ups in marketing are those small windows that pop up on websites to attract the attention of users. They can contain a variety of content, from promotional offers to subscription forms. Their goal is usually to encourage visitors to take a specific action, such as subscribing to a newsletter or taking advantage of a discount opportunity. While they can sometimes be considered a bit annoying, well-designed pop-ups can be an effective tool in building customer relationships and increasing conversions.

How to use pop-ups?

Collecting email addresses

Pop-ups can ask users to sign up for a newsletter or receive notifications, which allows you to build a subscriber list and run email marketing campaigns.

Promotion of offers

Pop-ups may appear when visiting a website, informing about current promotions, discounts or sales, which may encourage customers to make a purchase.

Encouraging interaction

Pop-ups may contain questions, surveys or quizzes that engage users and allow for a better understanding of their preferences and needs.

Abandoned cart reminders

Pop-ups can automatically appear when a user leaves the website without making a purchase, reminding them of the contents of the shopping cart and encouraging them to complete it.

Welcome messages

Pop-ups can appear as soon as a user enters a website, greeting them and offering help or information about products and services.

Limitation of exits from the website

Pop-ups can be used to keep users leaving the site by offering them special offers or additional content that can increase their engagement.

How do pop-ups work in iPresso?

Recognize your users

We know who your user is and we show personalized pop-ups based on their behavior. Hit the right message at the right time and increase conversions.

Ready-made templates

Sign up for the newsletter? Downloading a new e-book or signing up for a webinar? Use ready-made templates with forms and launch a promotional campaign! Use a responsive pop-up template and adapt the creations to your needs. Or even upload a ready-made HTML creation that you can edit directly in the iPresso editor.

Launch at the right time and place

The moment at which you show the message is crucial in terms of effectiveness. In iPresso, you will launch the pop-up after meeting the given criteria (e.g. entering the appropriate subpage, e.g. with a price list and not filling out the form) and at a specific time. You can display the pop-up on all subpages and freely limit them to specific ones, e.g. show the message only on the home or contact page.

Pop-ups triggered by events

Don't just show a message when a contact meets certain criteria or performs a specific action. Event Driven pop-ups are unique on the market. The pop-up on the website is triggered when the user clicks on a specific element on the website, e.g. the Call to Action button.

Capping, i.e. don't spam your recipients

We know how annoying pop-ups are by design. We also know that this is actually a pop-up myth. A well-configured on-site campaign with proper capping is the key to success. Capping will prevent the customer from feeling "overwhelmed" by your messages and, as a result, you will achieve better conversions.

In which industries will pop-ups be useful?


Pop-ups can be used to promote current promotions, collect e-mail addresses to build a list of subscribers, remind about abandoned shopping carts and inform about new products and products available in the store.


In the financial industry, pop-ups can be used to collect leads by offering free consultations, advice or educational materials on personal finance or investing.


In the education industry, pop-ups can be used to promote online courses, offer free resources, collect leads by providing trial lessons, or announce upcoming educational events.


Pop-ups can help collect email addresses to announce special holiday offers, remind you of upcoming bookings or offer discounts on your first trip.

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