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Turn your website visitors into leads and create your audience base!With iPresso pop-ups, you can quickly and easily make creations that will automatically work for your sales and increase conversion.

What benefits will you get from iPresso pop-ups? 

using pop-ups may have many advantages

Lead generation: more leads from website traffic

Do you provide the traffic directly to your website? Make it the most effective way you can! Convert traffic into leads with, for example, pop-ups with forms. Show a different message to anonymous and recognized (registered) contacts to increase conversion.

Increase sales through cross-sell and up-sell processes

Pop-ups are excellent support to cross-sell and up-sell processes. Introduce additional services or products to the relevant segments and increase sales. Additionally, with the Feed manager and Recommendation frames, use feeds in personalized pop-ups.

Increase audience engagement

Engaged customers are those who are more likely to stay with you due to their bond with your brand. Ensure this with personalized pop-ups and engage your audience. For example, you can showcase new series in your offer or invite them to a dedicated webinar.

Prevent customer churn with the anti-churn measures

Do you run a renewable subscription business? Pop-ups are ideal for preventing customers from leaving (churn rate). For example, show a pop-up, once you notice a contact has unfastened the payment method and encourage them with a discount to stay with you longer.

Recognize your customers

We know who your customer is so we show personalized pop-ups based on their behavior.

Reach with the right message at the right time and increase conversions.

Ready-made templates

Use ready-made templates prepared by iPresso.
Signing up for a newsletter? Downloading a new e-book or signing up for a webinar? Use ready-made templates with a form and launch a promotional action!

Take advantage of the responsive pop-up template and customize this creation for your needs. Even upload a ready-made HTML creation that you can edit directly in the iPresso editor.

Wish to quickly create a personalized pop-up with your company's logo and theme color? Check out the iPresso Theme Builder!

Launching at the right time and place

The moment you show the message is crucial in terms of effectivenessWith iPresso, you will launch a pop-up when the preset criteria are met (e.g., entering the appropriate sub-page, with a price list but without filling out the form) and at a specific time, that is:

  • once trying to close the browser - the so-called exit pop-up
  • immediately after the page loads
  • after a certain period of inactivity on the page
  • after % scrolling of the page

You can display pop-ups on all sub-pages and restrict them at will to specific ones, e.g., show the message only on the homepage or contact page.

Unique feature: event-driven pop-ups

Don't just show a message once a contact meets the set criteria or has performed a specific action.

Event driven pop-ups are unique on the market.
Displaying a pop-up on the page triggers, once a user clicks on a specific element on the web page, such as a button with a Call to Action.

Capping aka don't spam your audience

We know how annoying pop-ups can be. We also know that this is actually a myth. A well-configured on-site action with proper capping is the key to success. Capping will ensure that the customer does not feel "overwhelmed" by your messages and you will get better conversions as a result.

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