Contact database management

ipresso's feature

This is no longer just a job for database analysts. Now everyone can handle even multi-million databases of contacts.

Contact manager

Intuitive, with quick access to details of the Contact Manager. Browsing the database top-down with the possibility of working on a single contact.

Any type of contact

It will never be just a mailing list or a database of companies and contacts. Here you can create the types of contacts you need. For example, organizations and even devices, machines, cars. You will adjust the construction of the base exactly to your unique business.


Information that describes your contacts. As you are aware, the description can vary; the more precise the description, the more useful it is. In iPresso you can freely create attributes (custom fields) with different types and quantities of data.


The behavior and actions taken by the monitored contacts. iPresso already has a rich collection of activities that the system keeps practically from the moment it is activated. That said, great opportunities to create a unique solution and knowledge emerge by creating new activities.


iPresso assigns all data to a specific contact, thus building knowledge that provides a context for it. It is depicted in a clear form of a timeline, where system activities, actions and contact activities are postponed.

Data integration

All integrated data from external systems and applications supplement the context of contacts. You can use ready-made integrations right away and benefit from the rich API to integrate your solutions.

Relationships between contacts

This is a unique feature of iPresso. Only here, you can combine individual contacts into relationships. e.g. student - teacher - school, owner - car etc. Imagine the possibilities it offers for further, personalized communication.

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