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SMS Marketing

SMS messages are received by users within 5 minutes of delivery. This is the fastest method of reaching customers.

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What is SMS marketing?

SMS messages have one of the highest open rates compared to other forms of marketing communications. It is estimated that about 98% of text messages sent are opened by the recipients.
SMS messages reach recipients almost instantly, making them ideal for conveying urgent information or offers.
Limiting the length of an SMS message to 160 characters keeps the content short and concise, which can be beneficial to the effectiveness of the message.

How to use SMS marketing?

Promotions and discounts

Sending SMS messages about promotions, discounts or special offers can attract customers' attention and increase sales. It is also worth using an element of urgency, e.g. "Offer valid only today" to encourage immediate action.

News notifications

SMS can be used to inform customers about new products, services or offer updates. This is a quick way to reach customers with important information.

Confirming and tracking orders

Sending automated SMS messages with order confirmation, shipping tracking number or order status information can improve the customer experience.

Research and surveys

SMS can be used to conduct customer opinion research or surveys. Short, concise questions can help you gather valuable customer feedback.

Loyalty programs

SMS can be used to inform customers about rewards, loyalty points or special offers available only to loyalty program members.

Appointment reminders

Sending reminders about appointments, important payment deadlines, or other relevant events can improve customer retention and minimize absenteeism.

Personalization and segmentation

Tailoring SMS messages to specific customer groups based on their behavior, preferences or purchase history can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How does SMS marketing work in iPresso?

Building a contact database with phone numbers

In iPresso you can collect your customers' phone numbers through forms and pop-ups. You will see the contacts and their number in the iPresso Contact Manager. Collect a customer base and start personalized communication with your audience.

Automation of sending SMS messages

You can set an automatic scenario sending reminders about an upcoming event, e.g. a webinar or conference.
You can send a discount coupon on the customer's birthday or information about current promotions, e.g. on Black Friday.

Internal notifications

To the sales or marketing team. You can send an SMS message to the seller once the contact form has been completed. In addition to the e-mail, the seller will receive an SMS message and will certainly not forget about contact with the customer. In the case of the marketing team, you can send information about a downloaded e-book or a participant's registration for a webinar.

Strengthening other communication channels with recipients

In iPresso you can send e-mails, web and mobile pushes and, of course, text messages. What is most important? Everything in one place, in one tool and in a simple way. Send SMS as direct marketing campaigns to appropriate segments or support other communication channels by using SMS in marketing automation scenarios!

iPresso Satellite

iPresso Satellite scenarios allow you to trigger marketing communication in real time based on external conditions. What does this really mean? In short - it starts raining in Warsaw, you send an automatic text message with the following text: "Maciej, it's raining outside. Watch your favorite series in the comfort of your home."

SMS reporting

In any marketing campaign, it is important to measure its results. Therefore, in iPresso you will carefully analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. In SMS reports you will find, among others: information about the number of messages sent, the number of messages delivered and links clicked, i.e. you will get the CTR of your SMS campaign.

Contracts with key SMS providers on the market

We have been cooperating with key SMS providers on the Polish and foreign markets for many years. Thanks to this, we ensure the highest deliverability of SMS messages and no worries related to sending the campaign. Additionally, we have signed contracts with SMS providers, so you do not have to conclude additional contracts.

Segmentation and personalization

In iPresso, you can personalize your messages by using contact attributes such as name or date of birth in the text message. But what else? Additionally, you will reach your target group with your message even better thanks to the extensive segmentation of your contacts in iPresso.

In which industries will SMS marketing work?


Stores can use SMS marketing to inform customers about promotions, new products, sales and other special offers.


Restaurants, cafes and other food service businesses can use SMS to send information about new menus, promotions, happy hour or special events.


Financial services companies such as banks and insurance companies can use SMS to inform customers about transactions, account balances, promotions on financial products, etc.


Companies from the tourism industry can send SMS with last minute offers, booking confirmation, flight information or promotions for holiday packages.


Schools, universities and educational platforms can use SMS to send information about class dates, important academic events or educational offers.


Clinics, hospitals and other medical institutions can use SMS to remind patients about appointments, send test results or inform about the availability of new medical services.


SMS marketing in e-commerce can be an effective tool for notifying customers about order confirmations, promotions, discount codes and sales campaigns. Sending quick and direct messages allows you to build customer engagement and effectively increase sales by informing about exclusive offers and encouraging customers to complete purchases.

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