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Support your marketing communications with SMS!
SMS marketing done the right way will increase sales and bring you tangible benefits as one of the most effective channels of communication with your customers!

Interesting fact: SMS messages are received by users up to 5 minutes after delivery.

Areas of application for SMS messages


... meaning the enhancement of your marketing communications. SMS is the most personal form of communication with customers. Each of us knows that feeling when we hear the sound of an incoming message and automatically reach for the phone. This awareness and the right SMS strategy will increase sales and loyalty of your customers.


SMS is not just about marketing. With SMS, you can send all sorts of notifications to your customers. These can be SMS messages such as order confirmation, shipment information or information about placing a package in a parcel machine... and this is just a fraction of the possibilities!


SMS are very often used for authorization purposes, for example, when we want to retrieve a password or confirm important information. These types of messages are often used by financial institutions, but not only. Of course, the whole process is based on the automation of sending this type of SMS messages.

Building a database of contacts with phone numbers

In iPresso you can collect your customers' phone numbers through forms and pop-ups. You will see the contacts along with the number in iPresso Contact Manager. Gather your customer base and start personalized communication with your customers. 

Automation of SMS messaging

With marketing automation scenarios you will automate the SMS campaign.What can you do?

  • set up an automatic script in campaign as a reminder about an upcoming event e.g. webinar, trade show or conference
  • send a discount coupon on a birthday or information about current promotions e.g. Black Friday
  • create an automatic SMS campaign with information about the planned delivery date.

Internal notifications

… to the sales or marketing team. You can send an SMS message to the vendor once the contact form has been completed. The salesperson will receive an SMS message in addition to the email and will definitely not forget to contact the customer. In the case of the marketing team, you can send information about the downloaded e-book or the participant's enrollment in the webinar.

Strengthen other channels of communication with the audience

With iPresso you will send emails, web and mobile push, and of course SMS messages. And most importantly? All in one place, one tool and in an easy way. Send SMS as direct marketing campaigns to relevant segments or support other communication channels by using SMS in marketing automation scenarios!

iPresso Satellite + SMS messages

Satellite is iPresso's proprietary solution and the only one on the market! iPresso Satellite scenarios allow you to trigger marketing communications in real-time based on external conditions. What does this mean, you may ask? In a nutshell - if it starts raining in Warsaw, you send an automated SMS message saying: "Matt, it's raining outside the window. Watch your favorite TV series at home :)".

SMS reporting

In any marketing campaign, it is crucial to measure its results. That's why with iPresso you will carefully analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The SMS report contains information about the number of messages sent and delivered or links clicked, and provides you with the CTR depiction of your SMS campaign.

Contracts with key SMS vendors on the market

iPresso has been cooperating with key SMS providers from the Polish and foreign markets for years. Because of that, we provide the highest deliverability of SMS messages and ensure there's no need to be worried about sending campaigns. In addition, we have signed contracts with SMS providers, so you do not need to conclude additional agreements and thus avoid unnecessary paperwork!

Segmentation and personalization

Last but not least - the personalization of SMS messages. With iPresso, you can personalize your messages by using such contact attributes as first name or date of birth in the SMS content. But what else? Additionally, you will reach your target audience with your messages even better, thanks to iPresso's extensive segmentation of your contacts!

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