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Press release

iPresso is an advanced Marketing Automation platform for professional marketers to automate personalized customer communications and streamline marketing processes.

iPresso has been in operation for more than 10 years, constantly improving the iPresso system and adapting it to dynamically changing trends and market expectations.

The iPresso platform provides virtually unlimited marketing communication possibilities – from email, SMS and push notifications to live conversation via WhatsApp messenger and the use of Real Time Marketing. All completely automated and programmed in scenarios that learn customer behavior and provide marketers with a complete set of contact information, allowing even more personalized communication.

The iPresso system will work in practically any industry – our clients successfully use Marketing Automation in FMCG, E-commerce, Travel and Media&Entertainment businesses. 

We have been trusted by such well-known and popular brands as Danone, Wawel, Warner Discovery, eSky, Żywiec Group, PZU.

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Brand Hero


AutoMatt is a character who is focusing on itself, our core values. He is a companion who will give the necessary advice (when asked), mention important issues, and will provide a solution and help when it's needed.


ipresso basic
iPresso Basic - reach your clients through all channels: e-mail, SMS, web-push, WWW from one place!Launch first campaigns within an hour of creating your accountA rich palette of tools, supporting automation even for beginnersDo you know that with iPresso big brands are agile like start-ups, and small companies have access to technologies available for the biggest brands?
ipresso enterprise
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