Data collector

ipresso's features

Collecting data from the site. It allows you to collect activities, update contact attributes or add new contacts. By filling out a simple and intuitive form, you can update your contact database on an ongoing basis.

Indicating data to be downloaded

Selecting the events that are to occur on the page - the following events can be selected: clicking on the selected element, changing the value of the form field, saving the form, after a specified time from loading the page.

Determining whose data is to be downloaded

Possibility to select contacts whose data is to be downloaded. There is an option of downloading the data of all contacts, only anonymous or only monitored.

Without IT involvement and interference in the website code

Possibility to collect data without the need for IT involvement. All you need is the monitoring code posted on the website.

On-the-fly data processing - indicating actions to be performed

Selecting the action to be run, e.g. activity record, activity saving, attribute update, contact saving, saving data to the browser memory, collecting a web push token.

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