Recommendation frames

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Recommendation frames  – a new functionality in iPresso Marketing Automation. The recommendation frames have been created with online stores, product websites, news platforms, and all the other digital platforms in mind. Thanks to the recommendation frames, you can showcase products and services directly via Feed on your website, both for logged-in and anonymous users. The frames creator enables you to adjust the template to your needs (or you can create a new template from scratch). 

See how the recommendation frames works and how easy it is to configure it!


What are the benefits of using the recommendation frames in your business?

Increase in conversions and, therefore, sales, thanks to personalized and tailored offers
The possibility of a broad presentation of your offer on your website as a part of it and in pop-ups
Real-Time Marketing (RTM): You can reach the target audience with a tailored message at the best moment
The possibility to react in real-time to the activity of your customers as well as implement cross-selling and up-selling
Customer education as a part of the customer journey (e.g., articles about the product in the product tab in your online store)
Retrieval of lost customers thanks to win-back campaigns

Full data integration and automation

iPresso, as a CDP (Customer Data Platform) gathers information about your customers in the form of attributes and actions that you can use in omnichannel, automated marketing communication (email, SMS, web push, mobile push, on-site messages). This way, you reach your customers with an adequate message at the right time and… Fully automatically! :)

Customizable templates and the possibility to create new templates

That’s what our easy to use and intuitive frames creator offers. You can use ready-made sets that you can tailor to your preferences. You can next save them as templates and re-use them in the future. What’s more, the frames creator has been developed to help you create compelling projects that don’t require involvement from the IT team to be put on your website.

Feed Manager + Recommendation frames = endless possibilities!

The recommendation frames is, in fact, a finishing touch that perfectly supplements our Feed Manager. Now, you can make the most of your feeds and use them not just in emails, text messages, and web push but also as a part of your website and pop-ups. Thanks to the recommendation frames, you get a wider context to show your products and services.


All set? It’s time to measure the results of your campaigns. We generate reports based on the activity of the prospects that interacted with a given frame. This way, we know who viewed this particular frame and how many clicks it got. Let’s take a look at exemplary frames!

Recommendation frames - examples of use

See, in the examples below, how the iPresso recommendation frames works and how many possibilities it offers!

Recommendation frames for e-commerce: Online store with furniture

Showcase not just your products, but content and services as well. An example of a service with online courses

Turn your creativity on and use it to show your team or consultants on your website

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