Customer Data Platform

ipresso's features

One place for data about the client from many sources iPresso integrates data from internal, external, natively integrated systems and in a dedicated manner. It updates data as quickly as possible, usually in real time.

Data in its full scope

Data in the form of attributes (e.g. demographic), behavioral data (activities, behavior) and transactional data (e.g. about purchases).

iPresso ID

One identifier that allows you to maintain data consistency despite multiple sources and integration in such a way as to share data further in your systems and increase their value.

1st party data

The data belongs only to the company that administers it. iPresso safely aggregates data only for the benefit of the customer and does not use it for any other purpose.

Integration with API

Possibilities of using data through integration, including with analytical systems. At any time, you can integrate another solution using REST API, JS API and Mobile API iPresso.

Anonymous users

Conducting communication to anonymous users based on the collected data on cookies. It is possible to carry out personalization based on behavior using on-site actions and, in the case of accepting the push token, also actions using web push.

Registered users

A full range of available actions in all available communication channels based on the acceptance of data processing by users.

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