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ipresso's features

The theme creator is an easy-to-use tool containing pre-made themes for personalized emails and pop-ups. Each theme can be visually customized into email and pop-up templates with the option to add your company/brand logo.

Personalization and quicker actions

This tool is designed to speed up the onboarding processes and to launch campaigns as quickly as possible. Users choose a theme, customize colors, fonts, language, upload their logo, and that’s it - done.

Utilize main communication channels

Thanks to the theme creator, email campaigns and pop-up notifications gain uniqueness and have a much better chance to attract the attention of your audience. Personalized attributes allow you to quickly and intuitively match the appearance of your mailings to your products or services. The theme creator perfectly expands other iPresso functionalities, such as: automated scenarios or recommendations sent via the feed manager.

Change the look and run more efficient tests

Thanks to the theme creator, iPresso users can experiment with the look of their mailing, adjust it to the individual needs of various groups of recipients. Content tests performed this way provide more information and allow you to use more variables to achieve maximum effect.

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