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What benefits will you get by integrating your store with iPresso?

  • Free module and fast integration
    Integrate your WooCommerce store with real marketing automation in minutes. Just sign up for a free iPresso account, enable the integration and you're done! Now all that's left is to focus on your marketing campaigns!
  • Collect contact activities
    Both anonymous and registered customers. iPresso collects shopping activities such as adding a product to the cart, purchase and order summary. Based on them, you will launch real-time automated cross and up-selling campaigns, or save abandoned shopping carts!e.
  • Personalized communication and e-commerce tools
    In such communication channels as SMS, email, web-push. In addition, you will launch on-site communication in the form of pop-ups, as well as use tools tailored for e-commerce industries such as feed manager and product recommendation frames. But this is only a fraction of the possibilities that the iPresso system will give you.
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How to activate WooCommerce integration?

Do you wonder how to integrate your WooCommerce store with iPresso? No worries, we will show you how easy it is! Watch our short tutorial and learn how to go step-by-step through the integration process with your store.

Step by step activation


Create an iPresso account

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Activate the plugin in WooCommerce

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FAQ or frequently asked questions

Is the WooCommerce module free?

Yes, it is.

Is it possible to try iPresso for free?

Yes, you can register for a trial account first - free for 30 days, no credit card required.

What is the price of iPresso?

From EUR 119 monthly. You can find detailed pricing here.

What is the scope of an integration?

Contacts synchronization, contacts www tracking, cart, orders, registrations.