Focus on the strategy and ideas. iPresso will manage the rest!

It’s not just a slogan but our mantra, which we use to develop the system. The core assumption of iPresso is to support marketers in their everyday work: integrate data, tools, design and conduct personalized, multi-channel campaigns, measure results and constantly improve them.

How do we do it? We are continuously working on making iPresso maximally accessible and intuitive. iPresso is used by marketers from companies and brands operating all over the world.

Discover what iPresso places at their disposal.

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Design, run and automate personalized scenarios

Designing advanced, professional customer and communication paths doesn't necessarily have to be reserved for tech savvy people. In the built-in iPresso Studio, you can design and run a scenario by dragging elements in the form of actions and conditions using the Drag & Drop method.

Just set the operation of the scenario and run it with one click – it’s as simple as that!

Marketing automation scenario
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Integrate your database and customer knowledge

iPresso allows you to collect data about potential and current customers in one place. All that is being done to provide customers with the best possible service and experience related to your company and brand.

The data can be viewed intuitively in our original Contact Manager, where you can quickly find and browse authentic customer paths and all related data without unnecessary windows and all on one screen.

Contact manager
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Integrate tools and data

As soon as iPresso is activated and the code is inserted, it begins to record user behavior such as website visits, registering for the newsletter, using promotional codes, opening e-mails.

iPresso collects activities that you can add and configure yourself, e.g. transactions in the store, activity in the mobile application, entering the showroom. Data describing your contacts, such as city, company, telephone number are attributes that you can create yourself.

iPresso does not limit anything - the scope of collected data and their format depends on the needs.

iPresso data-collector
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Create segments and separate communication

A large database means plenty of data. In order to streamline and facilitate work in building personalized communication with the use of Marketing Automation, iPresso has a powerful tool for building contact segments and managing them.

It is possible to manage the life cycle of the created segments, perform mass actions, refresh the number with extended parameters describing the population in the segment. Everything is available from the level of an accessible segmentation wizard.

Email segmentation
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Conduct multi-channel communication

You can immediately communicate via e-mail, text messages and website notifications. After integration, you can use notifications in mobile applications, in other systems and applications but also in the form of printed texts and graphics. Thanks to the API, iPresso is open to any integrable communication channel.

Multichannel communication
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Work in real time

If a potential customer navigates the page in a way that fits the buyer's pattern, then you need to react here and now! With the Real-Time-Marketing technology in iPresso, you can set a sequence of behaviors and features that will trigger the display of a message. iPresso Enterprise has more possibilities of using actions in real time, including using other communication channels.

Real-Time Communication
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Design your creations efficiently

E-mails, pop-ups, landing pages, forms

You receive a special interface intended for design - iPresso Studio. Whenever you need to create an e-mail, landing page or pop-up - iPresso adjusts its service: it changes the menu, allows you to switch to full-screen mode and to focus on designing. The perfect tool for creators. You can authorize the "creative" parts of the system to a graphic designer or agency that prepares visualizations and hold everything “in one hand” for immediate use in campaigns and scenarios.

Email creation design
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A modern company requires state-of-the-art measurements

Define KPIs and measure implementation on a current basis

iPresso does not impose any indicators. You can create your own, which best monitor the status of communication, campaigns, base engagement, etc. Owing to the integration of loads of data from various sources in one place, you can configure your KPIs and enable their measurement: the degree of target achievement and the target in a given period of time (e.g. every day, week, month, etc.).

Measurement of KPI
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Report in the approach that is essential for you

Create your own dashboards with cross-sectional reports. With iPresso you can create many reports in different angles, save them and assign permissions.

Campaign reports
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Use the available collection of tools

Take your marketing to the next level

Use extensions for iPresso, which enrich the arsenal of tools and possibilities of building unique and effective marketing activities. You can build an entire loyalty program based on monetization mechanisms.

Loyalty tools
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Adjust iPresso to your industry and business

We possess competences and additional functionalities that better match iPresso to a particular industry. iPresso Enterprise is a dedicated service for: finance, FMCG, telecommunications, automotive, airlines, media and entertainment, B2B – it’s an option worth considering.

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Play fair. Remember about security and privacy

iPresso meets the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards for the quality and security of information management. The system is available in compliance with the highest security standards, all connections to the system are encrypted and the data is owned only by the client. Each iPresso client has its own database with secure encrypted access, which we do not share with anyone else.

With iPresso, you can set up rules that will prevent you from going overboard with communication with customers but also ensure quality and better relationships.

iPresso consent manager
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