Millions of contacts, millions of messages, and each adjusted individually as to time, content and form. All of it done automatically and seamlessly!

✔ What does iPresso personalize?

  • Personalization of communication time - for each recipient, the message will be sent at the most convenient time, which directly translates into open rate and increases interest in the message.
  • Personalization can have a multi-channel nature - automatic adjustment of a convenient communication channel thanks to advanced scenarios, e.g. some users will receive an e-mail, others will receive a text message, and some will be sent a webpush.
  • Content personalization - the offer can be adjusted and sent based on relevant contact data, such as name, city, position, etc.
  • Personalization of the form of notification - the varied language of the message (e.g. for a group of young people and separately for corporate clients) is more understandable and convincing. Of course, iPresso will deal with the selection of the variant.

✔ How far can you go with personalization?

  • Segments
    Segments allow for automatic qualification of contacts to segments and conducting personalized communication for them according to scenarios that meet the criteria.
  • Microsegments
    Microsegments can be narrowed down to the smallest detail and precisely described groups, which permits highly efficient selective communication.
  • Anonymous users
    An anonymous, first-time visitor to the website does not have to be left without proper service. The system will discreetly observe the sequence of its behavior and, depending on the needs and classification, react by selecting the content and form of on-site communication.
  • Individual customer - 1:1
    The most sophisticated form of communication using automation. With proper preparation of scenarios, it provides the highest quality customer service. This communication model is all about achieving the effect of even hundreds of thousands of individually served clients without the participation of, for example, a sales representative.
  • Change the website for each user
    iPresso provides a number of tools to customize the content of websites without the need to interfere with the CMS or hire programmers. You can display the so-called pop-up layouts, notifications, sidebar etc. but also customize blocks and even replace all content!
  • Industry-specific personalization
    Thanks to the segmentation and analysis of user behavior, it is possible to quickly identify users potentially interested in a specific offer and prepare an independent communication strategy.