NPS Surveys

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They are used to measure loyalty amongst a company's clients and as an efficient tool to check how fast each product, service or (even) article can generate it. Through NPS it is easier to notice changes in the behavior of clients that can indicate a sharp turn in their preferences and needs. In those moments clients can lose interest in maintaining future relations with a brand or company. NPS surveys give marketers a chance to reach to clients with different communication strategies, and convince them to stay loyal to the company


When you are creating a NPS surveys in ipresso, you have an option to use a default domain address or use you own (it can be different, depending what goals do you have).


Each NPS survey can have different set of tags, that will represent specific products, services, attributes (that describe different segments of recipients from the database) or description of the surveys basic goals.


When a NPS survey is complete, the API key used during the creation process can be reused.

Additional questions

When you are creating the survey, there is an option to add additional questions which will be shown when recipient will select a specific number between 0-10.

On-site actions

You can always add additional actions that will gather data about users moods and preferences from the chosen monitored site.

Drag & Drop editor

When you are creating email campaign you can easily use our editor. All you have to do is to select NPS survey in the  content tab.

Gathering data

Every answer that was selected by your recipients will be stored in their individual profiles. Every answer can be used as an additional element while creating new and more accurate segments of recipients from the database.


Every raport is shown in easy to understand graphic form at users dashboard (to make it more accurate you can select a specific time frame). Each raport can also be exported as a CSV file.

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