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What are the iPresso's web forms?

Contact forms are interactive elements of websites or applications that allow users to provide information or contact the company or person responsible for a given website. They typically contain text fields where users can enter their contact information, questions, suggestions, or other information. After completing the form and sending it, they are forwarded to the appropriate person or department who can answer questions or take appropriate action. Contact forms are a key tool for communication and interaction between companies and their customers.

How to use the forms?

Building a contact database

Contact forms can be used to collect contact details of potential customers, which allows you to build a database of potential customers and conduct marketing activities.

Collecting customer opinions

Contact forms can be used to collect questions, suggestions or feedback from customers or website visitors. Thanks to this, you can learn about the needs and expectations of your customers and adapt your offer to their preferences.

Customer service

Contact forms are a convenient way to communicate with customers. They can be used to solve problems, answer questions or handle complaints

Communication with customers

Contact forms can be used to subscribe to newsletters or notifications, which allows direct contact with customers and providing them with information about new products, promotions or events.

Lead generation

Contact forms can be used to express interest in the company's offer, which allows for quick business contact and establishing relationships with potential customers.

How do the forms work in iPresso?


Choose from many available templates and adapt it to your needs and the company's visual identification.

Visual Drag&Drop editor

Decide on the number, order and content of individual fields. You can modify the appearance of the form to visually match your website. You will also design the page that will appear after completing the form.

No-code solution

You don't need to have specialized knowledge of HTML code. You can easily set everything from the visual editor.


More and more users are accessing our websites from mobile devices - new forms are always responsive.


In addition to setting fields and colors, you can personalize your form however you want: enable the ability to add files and upload your own graphics, introduce custom validations and messages.


New iPresso forms effectively protect against spam thanks to Google reCaptcha.

Instant communication

You no longer need to create separate Marketing Automation scenarios - now in the form settings itself you can plan automatic communication with fillers via SMS and e-mail.

Data source

The new forms are an invaluable source of information about potential leads and customers - each completion, together with all the data, is automatically saved in the contact database.

In which industries will the forms be useful?


Contact forms in the e-commerce industry can be used to facilitate contact with customers for questions about products, process orders, and solve problems related to online shopping. Additionally, they can be used to collect opinions and suggestions from customers, which helps to improve the offer and customer service.


Use forms to collect inquiries from potential students regarding the educational offer, express their willingness to participate in educational events and establish contact with interested parties, which helps build relationships and provide personalized information about the educational offer.


Forms can be used to facilitate bookings, collect information about traveler preferences, and quickly contact customers if they have questions or need help. Thanks to them, you can increase customer convenience and improve service.


Thanks to the new forms, you will find out what content interests your customers. You will use this knowledge, among other things, to generate new leads.


Use the new iPresso forms to run consumer promotions to learn about your customers' shopping habits.

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