Integration with Magento

Integrate marketing automation with one of the largest e-commerce platforms. Use customer information for multi-channel, automated communication.

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What is Magento integration?

Magento is an e-commerce platform used to build and manage online stores. This software is open source, which means its code is publicly available and can be modified by the programming community.

Magento offers rich features enabling complex product configurations, flexible payment options, order management, data analysis and website personalization. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, Magento is often chosen by medium and large enterprises that need advanced e-commerce solutions.

Integration of iPresso with Magento allows you to fully use the potential of Marketing Automation to manage your online store.

How to use integration with Magento?

Personalization of communication

Thanks to Marketing Automation integration, you can personalize communication with customers based on their behavior in the store, purchase history and preferences. This allows you to deliver more targeted and effective marketing messages and product offers.

Campaign automation

Marketing Automation allows you to automate marketing campaigns, such as sending e-mails, abandoned cart notifications or promotional offers. This increases the effectiveness of marketing activities and saves time.

Customer segmentation

Integration allows for customer segmentation based on various criteria, which enables the delivery of personalized content to specific recipient groups.

Data analysis

iPresso allows you to collect and analyze data on customer behavior. This, in turn, allows you to better understand their needs, which can lead to a more effective marketing strategy.

Recovering abandoned carts

Thanks to automatic notifications and campaigns, you can effectively encourage customers to return to the store, e.g. by offering personalized discounts or promotions.

Conversion optimization

Marketing Automation can help you identify stages in your purchasing funnel, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts to optimize conversions.

Increasing customer retention

With the right Marketing Automation tools, you can focus on maintaining customer loyalty by providing valuable content and offers.

How does integration with Magento in iPresso work?

Abandoned cart

iPresso has marketing tools to activate the mechanism of saving "abandoned carts" by delivering a personalized message to each user who has not made payment for selected products, along with the possibility of increasing the initial value through up-sell.

Abandoned form

The user started filling out the form but abandoned it halfway through? iPresso has solutions for this and many other processes.

Designing unique response scenarios

The iPresso Marketing Automation system allows you to define your own rules enabling the personalization of messages to contacts in the database and anonymous users, depending on the selected conditions defining a given segment.

Multi-store management

Do you run several e-commerce sites, e.g. in different countries? Thanks to integration, you can concentrate all data in one place, using marketing automation for personalized communication with customers of each store.

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