iPresso CareLine

An integrated customer support and service solution with Customer Journey automation and registration.

✔ What makes up the iPresso CareLine solution?

  • iPresso Enterprise – a Marketing Automation system in an industry-specific version
  • iPresso 360 CareLine View - an application designed for people serving customers, which provides a 360-degree view of their activities. It may include additional components, such as calling number identification
  • Integrated tools - Call Center, CRM, Live Chat. Each tool can be implemented via API with the support of our specialists or you can download specific components ready for immediate operation from the provided list

✔ Possibilities

  • special client preview for his dedicated consultants integration of e-mail, SMS, www, mobile, live chat, messenger, mobile, call center channels
  • automated scenarios with personalized communication
  • automatic actions following specific customer behavior
  • automated handling of debt collection and retention processes
  • behavior analytics
  • advanced segmentation
  • simple handling of extensive databases with the possibility of integration from multiple sources
  • linking contacts into relationships
  • tests of communication schemes for specific groups

✔ Benefits

  • improving the quality of customer service
  • reducing operational costs and maintaining many tools and systems
  • automated reporting with data from multiple sources
  • transparency in the design of messages, testing and operation of scenarios