iPresso eCouponing

Among other things, eCouponing is a way to establish better loyalty relationships with customers, dynamically expand the customer base and conduct personalized sales campaigns.From light-touch mechanisms with e-mail confirmation codes to advanced monetization programs with integrated production lines. iPresso offers enormous possibilities to design sales and loyalty programs using both electronic and printed coupon instruments.

✔ Possibilities

In the Basic version

  • unique coupons as code lists
  • immediate implementation in the following channels: e-mail, SMS, www, mobile
  • full control over the amount used
  • comprehensive coupon activity reports
  • individual messages tailored to the coupon distribution channels for individual groups
  • scoring mechanisms
  • scoring and integration with loyalty programs in iPresso

Additionally in the Enterprise version

  • system of generating unique codes (alphanumeric, QR, barcode) in very large volumes (even> 500 million)
  • distribution of coupons for prints, packaging, serial correspondence, etc.
  • control of coupons/codes for production and distribution
  • code analytics (Data Science and Machine Learning modeling), dedicated reporting, work-flow management of generation and logistics

✔ Selected benefits

  • expansion of the contact databases
  • increased activity, commitment and loyalty of contacts
  • one toolkit intended for various promotional campaigns
  • lower costs of running loyalty and monetization programs
  • better up-sell and cross-sell results
  • more precise data about customers/consumers