Real-Time Marketing

Marketing Automation must provide an instant response to user reactions, ever-changing customer needs, identified preferences and plenty of other factors affecting communication. Such possibilities are available with iPresso technology, which provides specific tools and data processing methods to conduct activities in real time.

✔ Possibilities

  • Instant analysis of attributes and behavior of website and mobile application users - processing of every single contact
  • On-going qualification to the segments of a larger group of contacts (without having to wait for cyclical processing known, among others, from classic CRM systems)
  • Triggering actions (including in external systems such as call center) according to the established activities of contacts
  • Downloading data for the preparation of content "on the fly", processing and displaying it to the indicated user

✔ Selected benefits

  • Increase in conversion from communication to www and mobile
  • Implementation of the brand and company strategy - always available and responsive 24/7
  • Increased cross-selling based on a quick analysis of customer behavior
  • Detection of behavior sequence and immediate reaction
  • Displaying content based on the characteristic behavior of individuals
  • Raising the level of user involvement