Testing, research, monitoring

Testing countless variants of communication scenarios at the same time, in terms of multiple channels, each of which can be thoroughly fragmented, is just a selected opportunity iPresso offers to improve efficiency.

✔ Wideranging testing

As part of iPresso Studio, you can carry out multi-dimensional, multi-variant A/B/X tests in a single place - tests of e-mails (read more here and here), actions triggered on websites (read more here and here) and others depending on the specifics of the analyzed companies and metrics.

✔ Customer Journey scenario tests

Each scenario can be divided into many variants - random groups, which will additionally have their own, separate scenario. The size of the contact groups in each variant can be established with certainty. As the scenario progresses, the contacts flow to each version, giving an unequivocal answer to which version works best. This extends the possibilities of finding the most efficient way to reach recipients and achieve the desired objectives.

✔ Control groups

Breaking down scenarios also allows the use of control groups. Just select the indicated sample (by giving the % and/or the absolute size of the number of contacts), and iPresso will automatically and randomly “pick” contacts from before the subsequent story of the scenario to check whether executing it actually brings the expected results.

✔ Comparative analysis of conversion in channels

The iPresso system also allows you to report and recognize efficiency. Owing to the unique tool for measuring campaign results, it is possible to compare the defined conversion in selected channels that were used in the campaign. On top of that, you can compare the results in terms of the so-called direct and indirect conversions.

✔ Data Science & Machine Learning

How about even more? For advanced users who already have data showing various phenomena, we prepare models based on advanced statistical analysis. You can also connect them to iPresso in the form of dedicated calculation modules and reports.